What to Expect in 5 Steps

Choosing Kalaj Capital as Your Personal Investment Advisor

1) We review your financial needs and work together to create a plan to meet your short- and long-term financial goals. This involves reviewing your current expenses, savings rate and current investments to project future investment income. We will project current income potential if you are already retired.
2) We open an investment account at Charles Schwab, sometimes several accounts if you have retirement accounts (such as an Individual Retirement Account - IRA) and taxable accounts. Your monthly statements, annual tax reporting, online access, and performance monitoring is all managed by Fidelity. As your financial investment advisor, we only have the ability to make investments in your account. As an informed investor, you control everything else — including the next step.
3) We work with you to create a unique, personalized investment plan. Our financial planning services will specify the investment guidelines that we will use for your portfolio. We will identify what will be bought and sold in your account and cannot be changed without your approval.
4) Ongoing monitoring and regular reviews. We will set up a review schedule based on how frequently you would like to meet to discuss your portfolio and, as your certified financial planner, we will answer any questions you have about the financial markets.
5) A well-designed plan should be as stable as your own personal situation. We believe in transparency in all things we do: the planning process, the execution of your investment plan, and your portfolio performance — and there are no hidden fees.

Money for living ... not living for money

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